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This tour is recommended to those who wish to visit an area of outstanding beauty and one of the most important places of worship in town. Visit Bonaria's sanctuary, the museum and the monumental cemetery, then relax at the park and enjoy breathtaking views toward the Castle and over the sea.
Bonaria Tour


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  • A

    Marina di Bonaria (Su Siccu)

    Viale Colombo, 135

    Situated within the Port of Cagliari, between the "Nuovo Bacino di Levante" and the "Darsena del Sale", it can accomodate about 300 boats. Some of the wharves within the dock are reserved for members of the "Lega Navale Italiana".

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  • B

    Bonaria Column

    Viale Diaz
    presso Scalinata

    Ancient column surmounted by a statue portraying the Virgin and Child. It marks the place where the case containing the statue of Our Lady of Bonaria was found after a shipwreck, in 1370.

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  • C

    N.S. di Bonaria Forecourt Statues

    Piazza Bonaria

    Pair of bronze sculptures, made by Italian artist Franco D'Aspro in 1970. The first statue depicts a galleon with the shield of the Order of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mercy on the mainsail. The second portrays Our Lady of Bonaria and Child. Both figures stand on top of a stylized wave.

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  • D

    Basilica and Sanctuary of N.S. di Bonaria

    Piazza Bonaria, 2

    Religious complex consisting of a small Catalan Gothic church dating back to the 14th century (the Sanctuary) and the Basilica, which was built around the 18th century in Neoclassical style.

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  • E

    Museum of Santuario di Nostra Signora di Bonaria

    Viale Bonaria

    The museum houses the ex-voto of the survived of shipwreck, model boats, archaeological finds, church ornaments and the original wooden case, containing the revered statue of Our Lady of Bonaria, when it was found on the shore below the Sanctuary.

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  • F

    Bonaria Park

    Via Ravenna

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  • G

    Monumental Cemetery of Bonaria

    Viale del Cimitero

    Built near the hill of the same name and inaugurated in 1829, the Cemetery was designed by Damiano and later expanded by Cima. It is home to beautiful tombs of historical figures and illustrious personalities.

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