Roman Amphitheatre

Roman Amphitheatre

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Opening hours:

Closed for restoration works from the 18th of January 2016.

Provided services:

  • Toilet
  • Facilities for elderly and disabled
The Roman Amphitheatre of Cagliari, dates from the end of the first and the first half of the second century a.D., is placed along the southern hillside of Buoncammino.
Roman Amphitheatre

The Roman Amphitheatre in Cagliari is the most important public building of the Roman Period. It is  inserted  in a natural valley on the southern slopes of the Hill of Buon Cammino. Between the 1st and 2nd century AD,  the builders maybe in several times, carved into the bedrock most of the bleachers,the arena, the corridors (vomitoria) and other locations related to these. Even in Cagliari Ampitheatre, like in others, the bleachers are divided into three orders (imea, media and summa cavea), which were reserved to the different social classes (senatores, equites, plebeians, slaves) .The cages for wild animals (claustra) were along the corridors around the arena. The Amphitheatre could contain 10,000 spectators on average, who could attend the fights between men and wild beasts (venationes), the execution of death sentences and fights between gladiators (munera) .

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