G28 Gallery

G28 Gallery

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Hosted at the Assunta Pittaluga Dance School, it is part of the Cultural Association Rainbow-Open Project. It has various rooms: the Ridotto, a multipurpose space and a conference room.
G28 Gallery

The G28 gallery was founded in 1996 and is part of the Rainbow Cultural Association - Open Project, which operates in the field of artistic promotion, paying particular attention to the educational and training problems of the community.

It is both an exhibition space for artists, but also dedicated to meeting and discussions. Over the years there have been numerous personal and collective expositions and exhibition projects by renowned artists but also talented young people, documented in precious and esteemed hand-made catalogues or elegant brochures published by Lithosgrafiche; international exhibitions and also with the participation of island’s artists and other national realities.

Or projects such as the visual poetry review "Slittamenti" which presented about forty works by artists, many of international standing; of the "Visual Poetry"; and the documentary exhibition on the surrealist poet Benjamin Péret.

But as well the various exhibitions organized in other locations also outside Cagliari.

The exhibition activity is then combined, in the multipurpose space "Il Ridotto", with a collateral cultural study, through conferences, book presentations, musical and poetry meetings, and everything that revolves around these interests.

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