from March 7, 2019 hours 19:00 to May 7, 2019 hours 23:00


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Ottonello vs Ottonello.

Travel teaches toleration”.

This sentence by Benjamin Disraeli is perfect to explain the meaning of this new exhibition at the Thotel, a perfect combination of art, photography and memores. The artistic creations by Antonello Ottonello, whose artistic path is certainly a journey and a continuous discovery, have been mixed with the photographs of Giovanni Ottonello, nomad by passion and profession for more than twenty years, in an attempt to look at countries and inner landscapes from different perspectives.

An opportunity to discover colors and materials, which are capable of summarizing an emotion and bringing the visitor back to places visited in the past or only desired. Traveling is knowledge and respect. Respect for other cultures for other behaviors. Travel as a comparison and finally a place to rest.

A selection of photo shoots from the European Institute of Design in Cagliari opens a door on an unknown Sardinia and teaches us to better observe everything that surrounds us. Young eyes. Creativity and love for the island.

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