from April 20, 2017 hours 18:00 to June 15, 2017 hours 21:00

Tradition and Innovation

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Photo exhibition by Sandrino Ulleri.

Racism and xenophobia are recently getting traction after the recent migrant crises in our country. Today more than ever we need integration and respect between cultures and ethnicities.

Our friend Martha Perez Flores is the owner of a café in Cagliari. With a great deal of effort she managed to integrate in the Sardinian social fabric, embracing culture and traditions and rediscovering common spanish roots.

Innovation and tradition

This photoshoot brings together tradition and innovation, engaging Martha in the renewal of the traditional Sardinian marriage.

We wanted to depict the folk custom of of the adorning of the bride: traditionally, the young women of the family of the groom-to-be take on a cold and detached demeanor towards the bride.

This behaviour will turn into hospitality as the young woman joins the groom's family, in fact, we notice the use of "burning candle", a symbol of spiritual and conceptual lighting in the hands of one of the future family.


Design and project: Sandrino Ulleri e Andrea Meloni

Photography: Sandrino Ulleri

Shooting organization: Andrea Meloni

Styling: Stefania Cocco

Models: Martha Perez Flores, Francesca Cocco, Stefania Cocco, Federica Maxia, Azzurra Piras.


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City map
  • Pablo Caffè

    Via Martini, 20 - Cagliari

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