from July 18, 2019 hours 19:00 to September 29, 2019 hours 19:00

Traces - Asia 2562 - Travel notes

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An exhibition of Federico Crisa e Noemi Didu

The Castle of San Michele and the Museum of Siamese Art "Stefano Cardu" host the works of Federico Crisa and Noemi Didu, for the exhibition entitled: Traces - Asia 2562.
"Winter 2019. Let's go on a journey in South-East Asia. Special mission: find the traces, in Thailand, of a Sardinian sailor, shipwrecked in Malaysia and landed in Siam at the end of the nineteenth century. He became a builder, an architect and therefore collector of oriental art (...) Second mission. Leaving our traces along the journey, document them and make them public. Without a predetermined itinerary, or a precise plan of action. Interact with visible and invisible spaces and with people.
Traces - Asia 2562 is an exhibition-installation that takes the form of a cartography of the route made by Crisa and Noemi Didu during their forty-day journey in South East Asia and in particular in Thailand, a country that for twenty years hosted Stefano Cardu, a great traveler and collector of the nineteenth century from Cagliari. The project involved the creation of site-specific works along the journey, with interventions carried out in an urban, periurban and rural environment, in cooperation with local inhabitants and associations.
An exhibition that unfolds among the halls of the San Michele Castle, which houses the central core of the project, with a “photographic journey” of about 70 images taken between Thailand, Vietnam and Laos, together with a selection of large-format canvases and painted tiles. The Siamese Museum of Art "Stefano Cardu" hosts ten painted tiles and a video projection on loop about a selection of photographic images.18

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    Castle of San Michele

    Via Sirai, via Cinquini, s.n.c. - Castello di San Michele - Cagliari

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    Siamese Art Museum "Stefano Cardu"

    Piazza Arsenale, - c/o Cittadella dei Musei - Cagliari

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