from October 12, 2017 hours 17:00 to November 16, 2017 hours 18:00

Towards Gramsci

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I want You For Museum's Army

Towards Gramsci is the closing event of the project I want You For Museum's Army.

The collective exhibition, organised by Bartoli Felter Foundation and curated by Alessandra Menesini and Patrizia Rossello, focuses on Gramsci’s work offering a modern view through different art codes, connecting ethic and aesthetic to guarantee a high artistic and educational level. The project underlines a touch of originality in Gramsci’s work, not just ideological or political, but aimed to universal virtues addressed to a wider public: the debate he raised still involves also those who are not directly engaged in specific political fights.

Based on these premises, the curators and the artists have chosen contemporary art codes in painting, sculpture, photography, video and even performances. The project has been developed between Sardinia, where Antonio Gramsci was born, and Piedmont, where he worked, thanks to the collaboration of artists coming from the two regions:

Marta Fontana

Marcello Nocera

Nicola Testoni

Cornelia Badelita

Antonio La Grotta

Simone Martinetto

Clara Murtas

Stefano Raccis

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  • CARTEC - Cave of Contemporary Art

    Giardini Pubblici, - Cagliari

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