from July 5, 2019 hours 19:00 to September 22, 2019 hours 20:00

To the edge of meaning

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A Danilo Sini's exhibition

Danilo Sini is one of the most representative contemporary artists in Sardinia: he’s been working since the Eighties, having an important part in the transitional phase from Modernism to Postmodern art. His work crosses some crucial issues of the aesthetic debate, playing with the alteration of images significance to the point of developing a methodology of deviation semantic. Unusually combining continuity and discontinuity, rethinking past objects, the artist embraces many different approaches to art making, from the first interventions on household appliances to the installations with commonly used materials, from pictorial shots to photographic reworkings. Conceived as an experience continually reshaping itself, the exhibition is an unconventional tale over the Sini’s research cultural horizons, between alternation of techniques and continuous re-proposal of symbolic elements, to emphasize the regenerative possibilities of artistic languages. “Everything is illuminated by its history”, but also refers to a more complex reality.

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