from March 1, 2020 hours 10:30 to March 1, 2020 hours 13:00

The Vespiglia

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13th edition

"The Vespiglia" is a tribute to the famous Sartiglia of Oristano, to celebrate the carnival in Cagliari riding the typical Vespa.
Inside the Club a "director of the event" (Su Componidori) is appointed: he will decide the captains representing the Gremi (teams). Each district, represented by a captain, will have a double participation, on the one hand the group of crews performs a run-up to the star and on the other a personalised and coloured public with the colours of the neighbourhood.
The four historic districts of Cagliari, Marina, Stampace, Villanova and Castello will participate in the competition: the district (called Gremio) that captures more stars is the winner.
A crew consists of a Vespa's rider and a passenger with sword and banner with the colours of their district.
The 40 crews registered will be drawed into 4 groups representing the 4 historic districts, strictly on the theme of the event.
Each district will have an identifying colour. The public will become an integral part of the game as 50 coloured flags will be distributed to each district. The flags will be numbered in a visible way from the number 1 to 50.

City map
  • Stampace district

    Quartiere Stampace, - Cagliari

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