from January 2, 2017 hours 12:00 to March 26, 2017 hours 18:00

The engravings of Carnello Award

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A selection of the works of thirteen editions as protagonists of an exhibition for F.I.P International Festival (Festival International Print) in Cagliari.

Starting from December 16th, the halls of the Castle of San Michele, in Cagliari, will host an important exhibition of engravings from the prestigious award Carnello, selected between thirteen editions, as a part of the research planning and the cultural network of Casa Falconieri.


The protagonists of the exhibition, which is included in the prestigious context of the International Festival of Engraving, a project of the cultural institution Casa Falconieri, that takes place between Spain (Bilbao) and Sardinia (Cagliari), will be 40 sheets engraved, belonging to national and international artists, selected in the environment of Carnello Award. The award, sponsored by the Workshop of Culture, takes place in an area that has seen in the XIX Century, important paper mills, achieve a particular industrial process for the manufacture of paper with cutting-edge systems for technological ideations.


The thirteen editions of Carnello Award have written a story, involving countries from around the world, award artists from the most diverse poetic but, above all, have set in motion a development system of a language that gathers consensus and shows its almost infinite capacity to tell renewing itself. The sheets engraved, present in the exhibition, belong to the artists selected in the different editions and not necessarily to those awarded. The exhibition then traces a path within the different editions; speaks of a territory, that of Carnello, who in his past has seen important paper mills operate, and that of this, bears the sign in the memory and in the recent history; shows works of selected artists and with these tells the dream and the passion that drove the members of the Workshop of Culture to pursue with tenacity, year after year, a serious activity dedicated to the engraving world. The meaning of the exhibition goes beyond the value of the single work, it investigates to the work and the value, that a the place, apparently defiled, performs over time, causing an overall reflection on art and original artwork, its social and historical function and the links, created and developed with the territory and which are the dynamics, that is possible to activate.

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