from February 14, 2019 hours 17:30 to June 16, 2019 hours 20:00

The Civilizations and the Mediterranean

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The dawn of History: a fascinating exhibition of archaeological treasures from international museums and Sardinian collections

Connections, comparisons, dialogues from the Mare Nostrum basin to the Caucasus mountains. Over 550 works from important international museums and Sardinian collections, to connect the Nuragic culture to the main civilization processes of protohistory.


"What is the Mediterranean?" According to the historian Fernand Braudel the Mediterranean is a thousand things together. Not one landscape, but countless landscapes. Not one sea, but a progression of seas. Not one civilization, but a series of civilizations piled one on top of the other”.


The focus of The Civilizations and the Mediterranean is a complex of more than 500 artifacts. The exhibition layout is curated by Yuri Piotrovsky from the State Hermitage Museum, Manfred Nawroth from the Museum of Pre- and Early History of Berlin, in collaboration with Carlo Lugliè, professor at the University of Cagliari, and Roberto Concas, director of the National Archeological Museum of Cagliari. The heart of the exhibition is dedicated to Sardinian prehistoric archaeology – about 120 artifacts representative of the evolution of the cultures from the Neolithic to the first millennium BC – while the other exhibits represent different cultures of the Mediterranean and the Caucasus in the same period of time and they come from some other important archaeological museums: the National Archaeological Museum of Naples, the Bardo National Museum of Tunis, the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki and, of course, the Museum of Berlin and the Hermitage Museum of Saint Petersburg. The goal is to document that the Mediterranean Sea was not a closed basin, but a contaminating and continually evolving place.


An interesting and charming exhibition; an international event, fundamental to safeguard and enhance Sardinian history, culture and art; a journey through time, space and history of the civilizations who lived in the Mare Nostrum, a permeable place of cultures, art and knowledge.

The Civilizations and the Mediterranean is organized by Villaggio Globale International with a contemporary, scenographic and visionary installation by Angelo Figus.

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