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Solemnity of Saint Efisio

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Novenary and solemn procession

Efisio was born in Elia Capitolina, a Roman colony in Jerusalem in 250 A.D. His mother Alessandra introduced his son to the court of Antioch to the emperor Diocletian, who took him under his protection. Efisio joined the Praetorians and became an officer, so he was sent to Italy to participate to the campaign of extermination of Christians. At this moment, the young officer experienced an episode that changed his life: while he was marching towards Naples (or Brindisi) leading his unit, he was suddenly unhorsed by a flash. Then a voice told him: "I am Christ, the one who you persecute". Moreover, on his hand a cross was impressed. After this extraordinary event, Efisio decided to convert to Christianity and was baptised in Gaeta.
Then he moved to Sardinia to oppose the Iliesi, rebels living in the interior of the region. Despite the edicts against the Christians issued by Diocletian, Efisio started spreading the Gospel publicly. Not only: he wrote to the emperor trying to convince him to abandon the false gods and to convert himself to the new religion. For these reasons, on January 15th 303 AD he was sentenced to death and beheaded in Nora.
On the occasion of the martyrdom anniversary, the Archconfraternity organizes a solemn procession through the streets of the Stampace district with the statue of the saint attributed to Giuseppe Antonio Lonis, adorned with colored plume and red bow and cuffs.
The procession is part of the Novena dedicated to Saint Efisio, which offers nine days of prayer and reflection.
January 14th
- 6:00 pm: Holy Rosary and dressing of the statue
- 7:00 pm: Holy Mass and designation of the new brothers, presided over by Monsignor Ottavio Utzeri, protector of the Archconfraternity of the Gonfalone
January 15th
- 9:00 am: Holy Mass
- 11:00 am: Mass of the Metropolitan Chapter of Cagliari
- 6:00 pm: Solemn procession
- 7:00 pm: Pontifical Mass presided over by H.E. Giuseppe Baturi, Archbishop of the Diocese of Cagliari
January 18th
- 8:00 pm: Narrated and recited enactment of the life and the martyrdom of Saint Efisio, performed by "Il Crogiuolo" theatrical company
January 22nd
- 7:00 pm: Holy mass in suffrage of deceased sisters and brothers and thanksgiving prayer for the celebrations of the Saint
Novenary (from 14 to 22 January)
- 6:30 pm: Holy Rosary
- 7:00 pm: Novenary, hymn to the Saint, solemn eucharistic blessing and traditonal religious chants.

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