from July 3, 2020 hours 16:00 to September 20, 2020 hours 21:00

Sardinia. An endless lab

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Exhibition project by Casa Falconieri

The Castle of San Michele hosts Sardinia. An endless lab, a project by the Casa Falconieri research and experimentation centre.
The initiative is organized by the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Cagliari and is curated by Casa Falconieri and the art historian Efisio Carbone.
The project 
Sardinia. An endless lab presents an important body of unpublished and well-known works and reveals, through signs, a contemporary culture and civilization; everything is based on three artists who revolve around the fruitful core of Casa Falconieri: Gabriella Locci, Rosanna Rossi, Giovanna Secchi and a small group of young and very young artists such as Alberto Marci, Veronica Paretta and Vincenzo Grosso, who work both nationally and internationally.
The exhibition
This project explores the Sardinian art scene and territories outside the island: it traces a significant path of the three artists (Rossi, Locci, Secchi) and their rigorous research and it tells of a movement that deals with identity and offers important guidelines to new generations. Even the three young artists on display already have a clear path where their research is structured.
The exhibition, specially conceived for the Castle of San Michele for this summer 2020, which presents difficulties that have never occurred, is built on an itinerary that develops both in the lower and in the upper part of the former fortress. Installations and works tell the activities, even recent and unpublished, of the six artists on display, which are capable of creating in Sardinia their ideal of art and life.

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