from July 20, 2017 hours 19:00 to September 10, 2017 hours 23:00

Pinuccio Sciola - Rust

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Sciola surprises us with a new material: iron

Known worldwide for having given voice to the stone, Pinuccio Sciola was a curious and versatile artist, whose hands and sensitivity have shaped materials such as terracotta and wood, in addition to a rich graphic production.

The stone, Sardinian land’s core, is doubtless his top, a steadily evolving research, both from the technical and from the emotional point of view, that made Pinuccio himself a new milestone in the history of art. And just when one thought that the dialogue between the artist and his stone had become mutually exclusive, once again he surprises us by putting himself into the test with a new material: iron. In his hands, the scraps live again in artworks of a strong emotional power and a subtle symbolical meaning.

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