from March 15, 2017 hours 09:00 to May 15, 2017 hours 20:00

Pinuccio Sciola - Genesis of Turandot

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A homage to the Artist at the Opera House Foyer

This homage to the great artist from San Sperate, passed away last year, takes place on the occasion of the staging of the last masterpiece by Giacomo Puccini, whose scenography was designed by Pinuccio Sciola in 2014, within his first and only experience in the musical theatre.

“The set design creates a timeless China, with a Beijing built in bright stone (from white to grey, through a number of shades of beige) where the spectator will see 220 costumes of pure colours, far from the Chinese decorative style and inspired to the early 20th century Eastern fashion”.

Sciola’s monumental scenery goes beyond its traditional borders (namely the stage), to reach the other areas of the Theatre, and especially the entrance and the foyer, where the visitor can admire a 9 metres high reproduction of a sculpture, that recalls the futuristic architecture of a stony Beijing. The Eastern atmospheres and the fascination of the Chinese ideograms are evoked by the graphic signs that Sciola realised by means of a cane. The exhibition includes also the charming basalt and granite masks, the powerful “Sound Cities” and the original scene sketches, displayed in a philological reconstruction of that “Artist’s desk” on which Pinuccio Sciola wrote and signed a poetry to Giacomo Puccini, on show for the first time ever.

The exhibition is promoted by the Opera House of Cagliari, in collaboration with “Fondazione di Sardegna” and "Fondazione Pinuccio Sciola”.

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    Via Sant'Alenixedda, - Cagliari

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