from December 1, 2016 hours 16:30 to February 5, 2017 hours 20:00

Panetteras, Arregatteris e Piccioccus de crobi

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A journey through folk clothing, customs and traditions of Cagliari.

The Folk Association “Quartiere Villanova” is pleased to celebrate its 40th year of activity with an exhibition showcasing the forgotten folk traditions of the city of Cagliari.

The “Lepori” hall hosts the folk costumes that were fashionable among the common people of Cagliari.

The main focal point is the costume of the Baker Lady, known as “sa panettera” and shown in several versions that were featured in illustrations of that time.

«The Baker Lady – writes Francesco Alziator in “La Città del Sole” (The City of the Sun) – was the archetypal Cagliari artisan, so common it became its symbol». Called fflaquera in Catalan, this trade character appears in documents dating back to the 14th century: «This trade is mentioned in the 1500s, but I am convinced it existed much earlier than that» explains Maria Laura Ferru, researcher and co-author, with Marco Marini, of the book “Il filo sardo” (The Sardinian Thread) which traces this popular character.

Other folk figures, wearing their formal gowns, are shown in the next room. The costumes of the trade guilds, used until the end of the 19th century, are especially significant.

The section devoted to “is piccioccus de crobi” (“the basket kids”, i.e. street children) also features photos of the city at the time. Devoting her life to the “piccioccus de crobi”, Sister Giuseppina Nicoli (1863-1924) provided care, schooling and shelter for these kids; she was beatified in Cagliari on 4th February 2008.

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