from September 21, 2019 hours 09:30 to September 22, 2019 hours 19:00

Once upon a tower

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European Heritage Days 2019

On the occasion of the European Heritage Days 2019, the Amici di Sardegna association, in collaboration with the Conservatoria delle coste, Amici della Laguna association, Sardegna EscursioniWebCommunity e Percorsi Alter-Nativi, presents an exhibition about the coastal towers of Sardinia entitled C'era una torre (Once upon a tower)...
The exhibition aims to rediscover our past in order to live the present in a conscious way: retracing the history of the Quarta Regia Tower it will possible to discover the secrets of the Sardinian coastal towers. For two days in a row visitors will have the unique opportunity to attend guided tours, seafood tastings, entertainment activities and workshops about the history of the Santa Gilla lagoon.

City map
  • Quarta Regia Tower

    Viale Pula / Via dei Calafati, - Sa Scafa - Cagliari

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