from January 19, 2021 hours 09:00 to March 14, 2021 hours 17:00

On Paper VI

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A new exhibition by Casa Falconieri

New step of the Casa Falconieri’s On Paper project, once again hosted at the Castle of San Michele.


The origin of the project.

Casa Falconieri constantly explores the territories of artistic research. The project has been conceived to look beyond what we already know, which is acquired and therefore reassuring, in order to discover and invent, take risks and hazard, find innovative systems and ways.
Doing research also means sharing ideas and confronting each other. Casa Falconieri continues to be the perfect place for the diffusion of ideas and the confluence of creative energy, for involving and sharing of moments of common work; these are the essential foundations for adopting an innovative approach and reformulating the concepts of art.

Art is mystery, fascination and the possibility of going beyond the visible.

With the international project entitled On Paper VI Casa Falconieri aims to focus on the works on paper in contemporary aesthetic art practice, carrying out an investigation on the territories of the sign and recognizing the ability of paper to become a catalyst of the artistic discourse.
On Paper is an international moment of research and experimentation, a meeting point between art, technologies and new research systems, and confirms Sardinia as a place where innovative art movement and styles meet together.

Let's look at the time. Time is Memory and becomes History.

In the Castle of San Michele, a monument with a complex history, we pay particular attention to engravings and works on paper in general, keeping an eye on art, research and comparison.
Works on paper by historical artists, others resulting from contemporary experiments, installations and Street Art, animate the halls of the Castle of San Michele turning it into a pulsating path where the dialogue between the works is continuous and accompanies the while moving from one point to another.

City map
  • Castle of San Michele

    Via Sirai, via Cinquini, s.n.c. - Castello di San Michele - Cagliari

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