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On Paper V

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Time and places from Francisco Goya to Nino Dore

The San Michele Castle in Cagliari hosts the fifth part of the On Paper project. The project is conceived and curated by Casa Falconieri, the association that deals from more than thirty years with updating and spreading internationally the engraving languages, also thanks to the prestigious dialogue already activated, among others, with the Reina Sofia Museum of Madrid.
"The On Paper project - explains Gabriella Locci, director of Casa Falconieri - is something more than a Festival dedicated to original etching, to works on paper. We have the ambition to change the prospective that people have towards art and to change a system that has become tight and often ineffective".
Time and places, from Francisco Goya to Nino Dore: this is the title of the exhibition hosted in the fourteenth-century halls of the Castle, proposing an extraordinary journey into the art of engraving, starting from some masterpieces by Francisco Goya to reach the best international expressions of our time . The original graphic work will be the protagonist of this project which involves, in parallel with the exhibition, related activities such as: experimental and basic laboratories, meetings and thematic comparisons, artist residencies, exhibitions, films and short films, book and catalog presentations, engraving awards and dissemination activities for the works of young artists. The selection of the works takes strength from the comparison between cultures and artists that have operated, or operate researching new possible paths. The artists come from Canada, Austria, Japan, Switzerland, Russia, France, Spain, Italy, Belgium and freely use the set of engraving languages ​​within their poetics.
Now in its fifth edition, On Paper highlights an international moment of research and analysis, and becomes a meeting point between artistic thought, technological evolution and new systems, indicating Sardinia as a place of confluence of innovative artistic instances.
These are the authors of the eighty-five works on display: Gabriella Locci, Francisco Goya, Rafa Angulo, Franky Cane, Koichi Yamamoto, Mario Botta, Hermann Nitsch, Jannis Kounellis, Giulio Paolini, Mimmo Paladino, Arnaldo Pomodoro, Agostino Bonalumi, Enrico Castellani, Enrico Baj, Nino Dore, Lucio Battaglia, Vincenzo Grosso, Debora Antonello, Stefano Luciano, Mauro Rombi, Sean Caulfiel, Marco Ceraglia, Bernard Mandeville, Serge Poliakoff, Mario Nigro, Giulio Turcato.

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