from November 23, 2018 hours 10:00 to November 25, 2018 hours 22:00

Nues - International Festival of Comics and Cartoons in the Mediterranean

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(Extra)ordinary Challenges

In the year when the International Comics Centre is going to start its activities inside its new premises, laying the foundations for the future Comics Library and the AMI (Multimedia Archive of the Imaginary), we wish to dedicate the 9th edition of Nues - the Festival of Comics and Cartoons in the Mediterranean - to the topic of challenge, defined as a creative act of freedom, rebellion, knowledge and a way of expressing oneself, but also as a strategy of resistance and response to the complexity of the contemporary world, where each person is living as an integral part of society.


The core of the 2018 edition is the story of the challenge implicit in the birth of a new cultural and librarian centre in the city of Cagliari: the premises of the International Comics Centre are going to become the main location of the Festival events and the associations sharing these spaces with the Centre are actively involved in a number of projects and collaborations, where the language of comics, which is Nues medium of choice, interacts and contaminates with other artistic disciplines, such as the theatre. It is also at the service of very topical issues, such as the status of women and the rights of the LGBTQ community.


The programme is divided into sections, illustrating the concept of challenge according to different meanings: in the 50th anniversary of the release of Stanley Kubrick's film 2001: A Space Odyssey, based on the screenplay by Arthur C. Clarke, Nues dedicates the section Space, the final frontier to the topic of the conquest of space, on a journey through comics, literature, cinema and television aimed at telling men’s looks beyond the last, real existing frontier.


In the 200th anniversary of the publication of the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, in the section Creations Nues proposes: Literature_Science, a discussion on the above-mentioned work, its writer, who wrote a milestone of Gothic literature when she was only twenty years old, and on its modern Prometheus who was able to defy “divine and natural” laws with important ethical and scientific implications.


In the (Extra)ordinary Heroes section, the topic of challenge is illustrated through its most emblematic characters: the heroes that Nues presents through the language of comics are many and diverse, as well as countless are the challenges addressed, from the fight against illegality to sporting competition.


In the section Daily Challenges the emphasis is on the apparently ordinary battles that men fight in different moments of their lives: with its versatility, the language of comics can tell different stories and readers can identify with them and find their own daily lives, made of small and big victories and defeats.


As usual, Nues dedicates a section to the topic of environmental protection: The section Environment, a Global Challenge is an opportunity to engage the audience in a debate on the protection of “water” resources, both at global and local level, with a focus on the situation of Sardinia, affected by chronic drought.


In conclusion, a challenge, whatever shade of meaning is given to this term, implies the presence of an interlocutor or a system of rules and values, which is challenged by a strong desire for change: (Extra)ordinary Challenges intends to tell this desire for change through the hybrid language of comics, which not only appears particularly suitable to tell the complexity of a world in constant and rapid evolution, but has also allowed us to pursue one of the main objectives of the Festival for nine editions: e.g. to promote knowledge, tolerance and respect among the different cultures overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.


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