from October 31, 2016 hours 10:30 to October 31, 2016 hours 20:30

Nues International Festival - Comics and Cartoons in the Mediterranean

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On the wings of the imaginary - 7th Edition.

The seventh edition of NUES International Festival of Comics and Cartoons in the Mediterranean will travel on the wings of the imaginary.

As is the custom for Nues Festival, the theme chosen each year aims at grasping the current affairs on the European and, in particular, on the Mediterranean historical/cultural scene. If in the 2015 edition we wanted to trace a path investigating the concept of conflict, starting from the concreteness of historical data – the centenary of the Great War and the Sassari Brigade –, this year we have decided to combine reading promotion, which has always been a fundamental goal of Nues, with the theme of the imaginary, a perhaps more transcendental theme, whose consequences on human life are real, tangible, but also changeable and elusive, especially in an era of changes that society is not always ready to receive (just to mention some examples, think about the ideas of “Europe” or “family” and their breakup/ evolution that we are witnessing on a daily basis).

Therefore, the theme of the imaginary, in this historical period, that is strongly characterized by clashes between ideologies and civilizations, appears as a particularly significant one. Moreover, it seems appropriate to capture the fluidity of an era that could, and should, be reaching out to change, but that barely manages to move towards a multicultural vision: possibly because, although “collective imaginaries” are different, beliefs and stereotypes are still deeply rooted in them and we are not able to overcome these, but it is imperative to work on them with all the creative means at our disposal.

Exhibitions, presentations and meetings, events: with a transversality of artistic languages and, in particular, by means of comics, which represent a hybrid code, the seventh edition of Nues aims at investigating different areas and meanings of the imaginary, by exploring that heritage of “concepts and symbols” related to Sardinia, as a starting point through which to discover apparently distant cultures of the world, with a special focus on the Mediterranean region.


Il Cielo sopra Cagliari” (The Sky Above Cagliari) section will tell the angelic imaginary linked to the capital city of Sardinia: the heart of the section will be the legend of the Gulf of the Angels and the Devil's Saddle, according to which, after a furious battle waged by angels and demons for the possession of the Gulf of Cagliari, the divine army managed to defeat Lucifer's demons. The latter, in a rage, left his saddle on the battle field, which, with time, ended up becoming the impressive promontory known as “The Devil's Saddle”, a characteristic spot of Cagliari skyline.

The legend will become the subject of a comic - screenplay by Bepi Vigna, drawings by Stefania Costa and Laura Congiu – aimed at enhancing and disseminating, also outside Sardinia, the heritage of myths and beliefs related to Cagliari territory, to which this section of Nues will be especially linked: in fact, the bibliographical and urban itineraries “Le vie degli Angeli” (The Paths of the Angels) will offer citizens and tourists, as well as Internet users, a series of “paths” in order to discover publications, sites and monuments of the city linked to the figure of angels. Moreover, through book presentations and meetings with experts, the role of the mythical angelic creatures in different religious and artistic traditions will also be examined, while the exhibition Il cielo sopra Cagliari (The Sky Above Cagliari) will highlight, in particular, how the angelic imaginary has been translated into the world of comics and it will see the participation of some of the most important authors of comics on the national scene, such as Roberto De Angelis, Romeo Toffanetti, Leo Ortolani, and Otto Gabos.


October 31

Sant'Avendrace e Castello · Cagliari

The streets of the Angels, urban itinerary dedicated to the figure of the angel, for the XIII National Urban Trekking Day dedicated to the Jubilee of Mercy, edited by Rossana Corti.

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    Quartiere Castello, - Cagliari

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