from November 18, 2016 hours 10:00 to November 19, 2016 hours 22:00

Nues International Festival - Comics and Cartoons in the Mediterranean

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On the wings of the imaginary - 7th Edition.

The seventh edition of NUES International Festival of Comics and Cartoons in the Mediterranean will travel on the wings of the imaginary.

As is the custom for Nues Festival, the theme chosen each year aims at grasping the current affairs on the European and, in particular, on the Mediterranean historical/cultural scene. If in the 2015 edition we wanted to trace a path investigating the concept of conflict, starting from the concreteness of historical data – the centenary of the Great War and the Sassari Brigade –, this year we have decided to combine reading promotion, which has always been a fundamental goal of Nues, with the theme of the imaginary, a perhaps more transcendental theme, whose consequences on human life are real, tangible, but also changeable and elusive, especially in an era of changes that society is not always ready to receive (just to mention some examples, think about the ideas of “Europe” or “family” and their breakup/ evolution that we are witnessing on a daily basis).

Therefore, the theme of the imaginary, in this historical period, that is strongly characterized by clashes between ideologies and civilizations, appears as a particularly significant one. Moreover, it seems appropriate to capture the fluidity of an era that could, and should, be reaching out to change, but that barely manages to move towards a multicultural vision: possibly because, although “collective imaginaries” are different, beliefs and stereotypes are still deeply rooted in them and we are not able to overcome these, but it is imperative to work on them with all the creative means at our disposal.

Exhibitions, presentations and meetings, events: with a transversality of artistic languages and, in particular, by means of comics, which represent a hybrid code, the seventh edition of Nues aims at investigating different areas and meanings of the imaginary, by exploring that heritage of “concepts and symbols” related to Sardinia, as a starting point through which to discover apparently distant cultures of the world, with a special focus on the Mediterranean region.


Mediterraneo_Immaginario” (Imaginary_Mediterranean”) section will offer an insight into the Spanish production of comics, in line with one of the main purposes that have characterized the Nues Festival since its first edition: recounting the evolution of Mediterranean cultural history by means of a guest country, that will be Spain in 2016, that will talk about itself from Sardinia through speech bubbles. On another Mediterranean shore, Nues will land at Tétouan in Morocco: in fact, through a cultural exchange with the tenth edition of the “International Comics Forum of Tétouan”, the comics festival organized by the Chouf Association and the Institute of Fine Arts of Tétouan, Nues will bring to Sardinia some of the authors belonging to the Moroccan scene, witnessing a culturally vibrant reality, rich in tradition, yet full of emerging authors wishing to tell the contemporaneity of their country through the language of comics.



November 18th

MEM Mediateca del Mediterraneo · via Mameli 164 · Cagliari

- 10.00 / 01:00 p.m.· Language and imagery between Europe and Africa: the Mediterranean comics between different cultures · Seminar organized in collaboration with the Faculty of Humanities Department of Philology, Literature, Linguistics, University of Cagliari

Participating Mehdi Zouak, director of the National Institute of Fine Arts in Tetouan (Institut National des Beaux-arts INBA), the Moroccan cartoonist Aziz Oumoussa, the French screenwriter and critic Christophe Caissiau-Haurie, Angel de la Calle, comics author and organizer of the "Semana Negra" of Gijon

Managed by Bepi Vigna

- 05.00 / 07.00 p.m. · Meeting with Aziz Oumoussa and projection of animated shorts “Voyage vers l'eternel” and “Revolution” and meeting with the screenwriter Christophe Caissiau-Haurie and presentation of the book “Madame Livingstone. Congo, la Grande Guerre” (Editions Glenat - 2014)

Hostel Marina · Scalette San Sepolcro 2 · Cagliari

- 09.00 p.m.· Presentation of a selection of short films and animated films from the Mediterranean region



November 19th

MEM Mediateca del Mediterraneo · via Mameli 164 · Cagliari

- 10.00 / 01.00 p.m. · Mediterranean Clouds. Italy, Spain and Greece: similarities and differences in the imaginary comic, round table with Angel de la Calle, comic book author and organizer of the "Semana Negra" of Gijon; the author of the comics hailing from the Baleari Max, the Greek cartoonist Panagiotis Mitsobonos, screenwriter and critic Christophe Caissiau-Haurie French, the publisher Antonio Scuzzarella (001 Edizioni)

Managed by Bepi Vigna

- 05.00/07.00 p.m. · Presentation of the comic “Vapor”(001 Edizioni) and meeting with the author Max;

- Presentation of the comic “Ritratti di anime morte”(001 Edizioni) and meeting with the author Angel de la Calle

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    Via Mameli, 164 - Cagliari

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