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Modigliani: Opera Sola

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"Caryatid" by Amedeo Modigliani.

Opera Sola is the name of a room and the title of a group of exhibitions and in-depth studies on the works of civic heritage that individually and from time to time will be on display.
"Caryatid" by Amedeo Modigliani opens this series of events: in the small room, through a path that traces the cultural context and the history of the work and its author, the visitor will finally reach and admire the creation of the famous Tuscan artist.
Caryatid (1910-1912)
Amedeo Modigliani
The work is a pencil drawing on punched paper, having as subject a nude female bust. It was created as a study for a sculpture.
The drawing is dated 1910-11 by Ceroni and 1912 by Parisot.  It has a dry stamp with the inscription "Dr P.A. n. 18.9" which certifies its belonging to Paul Alexandre collection. The drawing is part of the civic collection of Cagliari since 1988 thanks to the mayor Paolo De Magistris, the sketch had been part of Alexandre Collection since 1912 and, from 1965, of a private collection in Milan.
The final sculpture was made in 1913. It has a Caryatid, made of carved stone, 166 cm high. It is the largest statue created by Modigliani, exhibited at the National Gallery of Australia since 1976.
Arrival of the work in Cagliari
The caryatid became part of the Civic Collections of Cagliari in 1988. Who was the Swiss donor according to oral testimonies, remains a mystery; but perhaps this is a way of respecting the will of secrecy that Paul Alexandre always had in regard to his treasures from which he seldom separated and only with great friendships, such as he had with Amedeo Modigliani.
With the term Caryatid we identify the sculptures having the shape of a female figure used to hold the architraves, the shelves or other architectural elements.
The model of caryatids, perfect in yield and proportions, dates back to classical Greek architecture.
Modigliani thought that through the sculpture, new work of arts could be created to build a temple of beauty. Transition between drawing, sculpture and architecture, the Caryatid is the quintessence of Modigliani's work.

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