from July 21, 2018 hours 10:00 to September 13, 2018 hours 19:00


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Maria Jole Serreli's Solo Exhibition

On the 21st of July at the Crypt of Santa Restituta has been inaugurated Maria Jole Serreli's Solo Exhibition "Memories".


The editor, Efisio Carbone, writes of her:

It would be enough to open Augè illuminating text "The forms of oblivion" to find interesting references to the creative process of the artist Jole Serreli and her ability to recall, with precise narrative mechanisms, the power of the story; we talk about systems of memory that describe a plurality of memories moved between conscious and unconscious and activated by the artist with the power of association, of metaphorical amplification and of the ritual element. Free associations of thought, which recall Surrealist components, certainly not Dadaist as in the first analysis association could make believe, are stimuli that make the viewer the narrating ego, the actor who modifies, or rather writes, the story.

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  • Crypt of Santa Restituta

    Via Sant'Efisio, 14 - Cagliari

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