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Max Leopold Wagner

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Pictures of Sardinia by an anthropologist linguist

The Culture and Entertainment Department and the Civic Museums of Cagliari present the exhibition Max Leopold Wagner - Photographs of Sardinia by an anthropological linguist, curated and produced by Ilisso Edizioni and ISRE Sardinian Regional Institute of Ethnography.
The exhibition staged at the SEARCH tells the story of Sardinia in eighty shots through the eye of Max Leopold Wagner, "the father of Sardinian linguistics", born in Munich in 1880 and died in Washington in 1962.
The exhibition, accompanied by explanatory texts by Felice Tiragallo and Salvatore Novellu, is a tribute to the mutual love between Max Leopold Wagner and Sardinia. The linguistic anthropologist brought to light not only the most important aspects of the Sardinian language (as phonetics, morphology, word formation and lexicon) but also some moments of everyday life in Sardinia in the early years of the Twentieth century.
Wagner, travelling on horseback and by bicycle during his journeys between 1905 and 1927, was able to visit the entire regional territory, refining his knowledge of the Sardinian inhabitants. He even managed to learn the language variants of Cagliari and Barbagia.
His pictures show  landscapes, villages, towns, portraits of women and men represented in their daily lives, emphasizing the social structures in which they moved.
Wagner became an ambassador of the culture he examined, connecting his images to his anthropological studies. He used a 9x12 camera with a tripod, which explains why some pictures are out of focus or not perfect from a technical point of view.
The sheer magnitude of this exhibition is to be attributed not only to Max Leopold Wagner's skills, but also to his ability to depict that archaic soul of Sardinia that is still part of the collective imagination.

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