from December 5, 2019 hours 18:00 to March 22, 2020 hours 20:00

Made in New York

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Keith Haring (subway drawings), Paolo Buggiani and the real origin of Street Art

From December 5 to March 22, Exma Exhibiting and Moving Arts will host the exhibition "Made in New York. Keith Haring (Subway drawings) Paolo Buggiani and the true story of Street Art", curated by Gianluca Marziani, sponsored by the Municipality of Cagliari and organized by Consorzio Camù and by MetaMorfosi.
Keith Haring and Paolo Buggiani met in New York in 80s. This meeting and this story are told with a wide selection of works of both artists. The exhibition traces a necessary demarcation between the culture of Graffitism (which is a single expressive phenomenon, linked to the use of spray cans) and the broad dimension of Street Art (which includes multiple languages, including graffiti, in a relational dynamic with space urban in its expressive, social and cultural forms). If today there are popular authors like Banksy and Obey, the merit goes to a generation that chose the road, the gigantic dimensions, the collective impact, the expressive freedom, the brazen experimentation, the irreverence and the arrogance that is only young people and revolutionaries.
MADE IN NEW YORK states the autonomy and historical value of Street Art, which has always been a sort of "Matrix" world with respect to the panorama of galleries and museums. A heterogeneous universe, rich in expressive forms, thematically infinite, ethically committed and linguistically contaminated.
"Made in New York" will be educational, enriched by educational activities for people of all ages and schools.

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