from December 1, 2017 hours 18:00 to January 31, 2018 hours 20:00


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Photo exhibition by Cédric Dasesson.

Art Backers and The AB Factory art gallery are pleased to present "LEVEL" the first photographic exhibition in Italy by Cédric Dasesson.

Cédric Dasesson is one of the few photographers, with hundreds of thousands of followers, able to rediscover the absolute synthesis between the nature of the universal marine landscape and the "emerged" lines of contemporary architecture.

An accurate selection of works that give us an interpretative reading of his naturalistic and interior visions, explored and told by cognitive "levels".

These are no photographs or snapshots that capture the moment, but careful and slow shots, preceded by long "introspective" studies in search of natural variable geometries that would represent, for few seconds, the extraordinary balances in the combined motions of water, air and light, in the underwater levels, of the surface, above and in elevation, where man and nature can coexist in absolute harmony.

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  • The AB Factory

    Via Alagon, 29 - Cagliari

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