from April 23, 2020 hours 21:30 to April 23, 2020 hours 23:30

Jazz Club Network 2020

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Sean Noonan / Drumavox live at Jazzino

The Jazz Club Network, the event organized by CEDAC in collaboration with Sardegna Concerti, also wants to give space to new original productions, with Drumavox, an innovative project that represents the meeting between the experimental sounds of the drummer / composer Sean Noonan and the voices of a cappella quartet composed of Alice Madeddu (soprano), Eva Pagella (mezzo-soprano), Matteo Siddi (tenor) and Manuel Cossu (bass), a partnership born on the occasion of the Rock Opera Zappanation in 2016, a tribute to Frank Zappa and Edgar Varese.

City map
  • Jazzino

    via Carloforte, 74/76 - Cagliari

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