from March 19, 2020 hours 21:30 to March 19, 2020 hours 23:00

Jazz Club Network 2020

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Francis Kuipers - The Kings of Lies live at Jazzino

The Jazz Club Network, the event organized by CEDAC in collaboration with Sardegna Concerti is preparing to welcome a new blues evening. The Anglo Dutch blues by Francis “Superguitar” Kuipers, musician with a prodigious curriculum that includes among other things: musical collaborations with Philip Glass, with the Beat Generation poet Gregory Corso, with Oliviero Toscani; the direction of the Department of Music and Sound of the Multimedia Communication Center, Fabrica; the composition of soundtracks for Abel Ferrara

City map
  • Jazzino

    via Carloforte, 74/76 - Cagliari

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