from April 6, 2018 hours 18:00 to May 20, 2018 hours 20:00

Illustrious Strokes

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Contemporary illustration in Sardinia

On Friday, April 6th at 6.00 pm, in the halls of the Municipal Art Center Il Ghetto, inaugurates Ilustrioius Strokes.Contemporary illustration in Sardinia, an exhibition conceived and curated by Roberta Vanali, in cooperation with Consorzio Camù.

The project who stays behind Ilustrious Strokes is the result of a survey in the world of illustration in Sardinia, for which over 40 artists, working in the various fields of graphics, illustration, design, street art and tattoo, have been selected. The exhibition offers, with an approach of experimentation and research, an overview of the most varied techniques and styles with excellent results. Among the artist involved we found: Carolina Melis, Kiki Skipi, Andrea Casciu, Skan, Ilaria Gorgoni, Giorgia Atzeni, Daniele Serra, Veronica Chessa, Stefania Morgante, La Fille Bertha, Paola Cassano, Maria Francesca Melis, Gio Mo, Carol Rollo, Marco Tanca, Daniela Iride Murgia, Gianluca Marjani Marras, Agnese Leone, Mario Onnis, Maria Chiara Aresti, Crisa, Paulina Herrera, Piercarlo Carella, Matteo Freom, Manuela Flowers, Gian Battista Andrea Marongiu, Francesca Sanna, Giulia Sollai, Aeneas, Sardomuto, Maria Tedde, Federico Neeva, Daniela Chillotti, Daniela Soddu, Diego Collu, Rachel Armstr ong, Alessio Greco, Eleonora Gambula, Stefano Pintus, Sara Pilloni, Claudio Loi.

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