from February 25, 2018 hours 11:00 to May 30, 2018 hours 20:00

Human Geographies

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International contemporary art from a private collection in Sardinia

EXMA inaugurates the new exhibiting season with Human Geographies - International contemporary art from a private collection in Sardinia, third stage of the prestigious programme VIEWS ON THE CONTEMPORARY WORLD, dedicated to the great international contemporary art, that shows to the public the artworks that belong or are in the availability of Antonio Manca's collection, based in Sardinia and open to the world.


Human Geographies does not define borders, it rather faces a fluid artistic situation by virtue of which the present experimentation intercepts the roots of Western culture, transforms the legacy of the "Old Continent" and re-discusses the concept of identity, delineating future scenarios. The artists, the lines of research, the selected works question themselves on the meaning of the existence in the global planet, on the individual and collective perception of the self, on the relationship with reality and nature, according to the multiple possibilities of relationship that tie us inextricably to each other.

Among the fundamental reflections of the exhibition, the theme of the body recurs as an artistic device and tool of socio-political claim, starting from Orlan's Self-hybridation africaine, which de-constructs the idea of ​​a classic, ideal beauty, making the modified face a place of public debate and a mixture of stories.


The choice to propose a section specifically reserved for Sardinia is linked to the reflection, far every stereotype, on the contemporary identity. In fact, a totally unconventional Sardinia, far from any territorial conditioning, expresses itself in the artworks by Paolo Navale. Born in Nuoro with Neapolitan origins, Navale is a tenacious traveller who has lived and worked in London for many years.


The artists: Franko B, Matteo Basilé, Joseph Beuys, Yannis Bournias, Daniele Buetti, Franco Fontana, Luigi Ghirri, Mario Giacomelli, Robert Gligorov, Tilman Hornig, Urs Lüthi, Emanuele Magri, Francis Naranjo, Paolo Navale, Hermann Nitsch, Erwin Olaf, ORLAN, Lucy + Jorge Orta, Odinea Pamici, Panamarenko, Roberto Pugliese, Tamara Repetto, Franck Scurti, Lamberto Teotino.


As a fundamental part of the project, the books related to the artists and the works on show are available along the exhibition path and can be consulted by visitors, offering a valuable opportunity of in-depth analysis.

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