from July 12, 2019 hours 18:30 to October 27, 2019 hours 22:00

From the street to the Museum

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Works of the artist known as BANKSY

The civic centre for arts and culture “Ghetto” presents: From the street to the Museum –Work of the artist known as BANSKY.
It's said he belongs to the Street Art: nobody knows his face, no one photo ever showed him, anyway Bansky exists through his works, full of ethical, evocative, mediatic power.  Currently, he's the most popular living artist, since Andy Warhol.
Between 2002 and 2009 Bansky published a series of paper images that sells through his “print house” Pictures on Walls in Commercial Rd (London). These works reproduct  some of his street works, also those that were removed or stolen or simply consumed by time.
The exhibition in Cagliari presents a selection of his best works images, those that have decree the success of the most genial, complex, intuitive artist of our days.

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