from July 8, 2017 hours 19:00 to September 17, 2017 hours 21:00

From the sea and about the sea

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Photo exhibition by Andrea Bianchi and Francesco Cubeddu.

A new photo exhibition at Castello San Michele of Cagliari entitled "From the sea and about the sea", by Andrea Bianchi and Francesco Cubeddu.

The sky is the mirror of the sea. The close connection between the sky and the sea has been known since ancient times by the seafarers cutting through the waters of the Earth. “From the sea and about the sea” is an exhibition that shows the connection between these two eternal elements, with which humanity lives and with which it will have to live forever.

Andrea Bianchi and Francesco Cubeddu are two different artists with two different points of view, the sea is their meeting point.

The sea, where the calm ends and the storm begins, where those who have established visceral bonds with the sea continue to follow its seasonal cycles in search of themselves and peace, that only the waves and their perpetual motion can offer.

The sea, from the highest altitudes, where everything disappears and there is only place for the beauty created by abstract figures and light games. Where everything changes and the silence of the sky accompanies our journey through the dominant element of the Earth.

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  • Castello di San Michele

    Via Sirai, via Cinquini, s.n.c. - Castello di San Michele - Cagliari

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