from November 8, 2018 hours 18:00 to March 31, 2019 hours 20:00

Forbidden to Forbid

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Counterculture in Italy 1968-1977 from Enzo Longo's collection

A project by the Civic Museums of Cagliari, curated by Melania Gazzotti within the Festival Cagliari Paesaggio (Department of Culture) in collaboration with Fondazione di Sardegna.


Fifty years after 1968, a crucial year in Italian history that still evokes an entire decade of political struggles and deep social transformations, the Civic Museums of Cagliari retrace that overwhelming season through the exhibition Forbidden to Forbid.

More than 200 pieces among books, manuals, fanzines, magazines, posters, board games, often hand-printed, portray crucial years of struggles and revolutions.

The exhibition is divided into various thematic sections along the chronological axis 1968 -1977: from The '68 to Irresponsible Directors, passing through the self-made manuals (such as those for the cultivation of marijuana and macrobiotic cooking) and the underground comics.

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