from May 27, 2017 hours 21:00 to May 27, 2017 hours 22:00

Echi Lontani 2017

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Ancient music in historical settings - 13th edition

Giardino Novo 1605

Tribute to Claudio Monteverdi in the 450th anniversary of his birth (1567-1643)


Madrigals by Claudio Monteverdi, Giaci De Wert, Giovanni Croce, Simone Molinaro, Marsilio Santini, Leo Leoni, Grisostomo Rubiconi, Girolamo Casati, Gabriele Fattorini

The Turturino

Elisabetta Rinaldi, Mary Chiara Ciotti Soprano

Gabriele Petruzzo Alto - Giovanni Cantarini Tenor and Direction

Decio Biavati Bass

City map
  • Church of Santa Maria del Monte

    Via Corte D'Appello, - Via Santa Croce - Cagliari

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