from June 28, 2018 hours 21:00 to June 28, 2018 hours 23:00


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Waves Festival

Waves Festival is a festival dedicated to music and songs. On stage only few elements, some instruments and a lot of emotionality. Waves Festival prefers singers and guitar songwriters, bands that deconstruct their sound in favour of a reduced and essential sound and visual approach, making the audience live a unique experience.

Contemporaneamente insieme anche d’estate (together at the same time also in summer) by Dente and Guido Catalano, directed by Lodo Guenzi, will be the only theatre event within the Waves Festival.

Guido Catalano is a poet and his writing is close to the world of music.

Dente is a singer-songwriter with refined language, endowed with great originality and an indisputable talent. His music is close to the world of poetry.

Contemporaneamente insieme anche d’estate (together at the same time also in summer) is a renewed show: not a reading, not a concert, but semi-acoustic rhymes, metaphors in four quarters, in which the poet from Turin and the Emilian singer-songwriter cross guitar and pen to talk about love in their own way, playing with words and with the audience.

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