from October 20, 2017 hours 17:30 to December 30, 2017 hours 18:30


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The Artist's book at the Royal Palace

The Artist’s book is an expression of full and autonomous creativity, in which the Artist does not simply contributes as an illustrator. He decides its shape, size, material and contents, either abstract or representational, regardless of the publishing market and independently even from the artistic conditioning that affects painting and sculpture.

The exhibition retraces the history of the Artist's book starting from the mid 70s, selecting about 40 works, some of which unpublished, that reveal how congenial to artists is this medium, the book, for a "complete and an in-depth expression of its particular and secret unconscious imaginative world".


The artists:

Michel Seuphor, Ermanno Leinardi, Giulia Napoleone, Franco Fanelli, Gabriella Locci, Alberto Marci, Stefano Gioda, Elisabetta Diamanti,Daniele Catalli, Francesco Alpigiano, Anna Saba, Patrizia Gomez, Maria Jesus, Mimmo Paladino, Ricardo Migliorisi, Jorge Garcia, Andrea Spiga,Carolina Ceca, Aldo Contini, Elisabetta Gut, Franca Sonnino, Angelo Liberati, Hans Ricther, Mirella Bentivoglio, Enzo Patti, Maria Lai, Antonio Marras, Marina Bindella, Roberto Puzzu, Antonio Freiles.

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