from July 13, 2017 hours 19:00 to September 17, 2017 hours 20:00

Cagliari Under

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Cagliari and its charming landscapes in the pictures of Marco Mattana.

Thursday, July 13 at 19:00 inaugurates the SEARCH - Office Exhibition Historical Archive photographic exhibition of Marco Mattana Cagliari Below, part of the demonstration initiatives "CagliariPaesaggio".

A company under the asphalt, under houses, under our feet: not only an urban landscape, but also a journey through millennia to discover the hidden face of the city of Cagliari. Under Cagliari tells the story of the city, the phoenix and Spanish domination, until the bombings of World War II.

Marco Mattana: born in Cagliari in 1974, begins to document the artificial cavities Cagliari in collaboration with the Speleo-Archaeological Group "Giovanni Spano". Images taken during caving discover the most fascinating corners and details of the underground city, gradually revealing a past carved in stone.



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