from April 26, 2019 hours 11:00 to April 28, 2019 hours 18:00

Bodies Exhibition

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An exhibition of real human bodies.

Until a few years ago, the study of human body was a task for doctors. Nowadays thanks to the discovery of the plastination and to the exposition of anatomical parts in public exhibitions, everybody can get an idea of it.

Bodies Exhibition consists of 250 anatomic showpieces, human skeletons, tactile models and casting forms. A special attention is given to cancer: 15 different kind of them will be exposed and explained. Multimedia presentations and educational tables inherent in the human body will give important scientific knowledges.


Main proposed topics:

-skleton and musculoskeletal system;

-brain and nervous system;

-sex organs;

-heart and blood circulation;

-kidneys and urinary tract;

-digestive system;

-sensory organs;

-respiratory tract and lungs.


It will be possible to have scientific news about organ donations, cancer, AIDS,alcohol and nicotine.

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