from August 6, 2020 hours 10:00 to October 4, 2020 hours 20:00

Back to the 80's

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The 80's inside and outsides the Civic Collections
Back to the 80's- The Eighties inside and outside the Civic Collections, the new exhibition provided by the Civic Museums and  the Culture and Entertainment Department, will open to the public on August 6th.
Curated by Efisio Carbone and Tiziana Ciocca, it celebrates the colorful and eccentric 80's that return with a touch of nostalgia, more vital than ever, in this hot summer put at risk by the recent lockdown.
Starting from their permanent collections, the Civic Museums intend to focus the attention on what was the artistic production in the 80s in Sardinia, especially in Cagliari. Once the historical groups were dissolved, together with most of the utopian ideals conveyed by them, research continued in studios, cultural spaces and private galleries. 
A “babel of languages” as defined by Salvatore Naitza, that shows an important cultural excitement. New expressive and synthetic form, incrisingly protagonists, are added to painting and sculpture: happening, installations, performances, art videos, photography and design.
Artists on display:
A. Artizzu, G. Atzeni, C. Borghi, G. Brundu, Z. Calzia, G. Campus, F. Casu, T. Casula, E. Corte, A. Cocco, R. D'Alessandro, A. Della Maria, A. Dessì, G. Frogheri, M. Lai, E. Leinardi, G. Locci, D. Losengo, L. Lussu, A. Mallus, L. Mazzarelli, M. Mibelli, P. Morrison, C. Nivola, A. Nurcis, A. Ottonello, P. Pantoli, I. Panzino, L. M. Patella, G. Pettinau, G. Pintus, R. Rossi, A. Saba, G. Secchi, P. Sciola, I. Utzeri, G. Vargiu.
A series of themed events will take place in the open spaces of the Municipal Gallery of Modern Art. On August 13 there will be the concert of the band “Escluso il Cane + R. I. S. (Rock Italian Style)”. On 27 August the Public Gardens will host the Echo 80 band. Both concerts are scheduled at 9:00 pm. 
On 10 and 24 September at 7:00 pm cultural happy hours will involve artists, critics and art historian.
On 17 September the artist Rosanna Rossi will meet the public to describe the beautiful site specific installation that she created in those years at the Municipal Gallery of Modern Art. 
The ceramics of the Francesco Paolo Ingrao Collection
The ceramic of the Ingrao collection will be on display in the Quadreria room. 
The collection can be dated between the second half of the eighteenth and the second half of the nineteenth century, with few ceramics dating back to the early decades of the twentieth century.
The collection is set up following the criterion of origin. There is a nucleus of forty examples of ceramics from Vietri sul Mare (Salerno).
Ten other models come from Cerreto Sannita (Benevento), one model from Ariano Irpino (Avellino), another perhaps from Naples and two others, generically, from the Campania area.
About fifteen vases can be assigned to Grottaglie, a well-known producer center in Puglia, while three or four can be assigned to Caltagirone (Sicily). Finally, two models must be traced back to the Ligurian area, and precisely to Savona.


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