from August 9, 2020 hours 18:30 to August 9, 2020 hours 20:00

Astronomers for one night

This event is related to the sections: Guided tours, Workshops and laboratories

Workshop for Children

FAI Saline Conti Vecchi organize an interesting date with the stars. The program includes a tour by train to discover the salt pan and a suggestive evening guided tour of the renovated historic buildings. For children, however, in addition to the tour by train, a fun astronomy laboratory is proposed for the construction of a simple but ancient tool for the observation and identification of the constellations: the astrolabe.
The initiative is restricted to a few participants to ensure the use of the site in total safety.

City map
  • Conti Vecchi Saltworks

    Zona industriale Macchiareddu-Grogastu, - Cagliari

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