from June 27, 2020 hours 10:00 to October 18, 2020 hours 18:00

A place for art

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Artists' studios at the Ghetto

A Place For Art. Artists' studio at Ghetto borns from the idea of ​​creating a place to host art when artists go through difficult periods, as still happening because of the pandemic due to Covid-19.
From Saturday 27 June to Sunday 18 October, the Municipal Centre of Art and Culture Il Ghetto will transform into a large atelier/"home" for 9 artists, becoming a place not only for exhibition but also for creative production, a privileged location for a rediscovered meeting between the public and the artists, some of which had to leave their studios because of the crisis originating from the pandemic.
From Saturday 27 June to 26 July, Il Ghetto will host the first trio of artists: Simone Dulcis, with his informal painting, always dramatic and passionate; Lea Gramsdorff, with the intimacy of her symbolic and rarefied language; Francesca Randi, which will involve the public with her surreal and dreamlike art.
"A place for art. Artists' studios at the Ghetto" is curated by art historians Simona Campus and Efisio Carbone and is part of the activities scheduled by the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Cagliari.
Next stops of the project on the these days:
#2 from August 5th to September 6th
#3 from September 16th to October 18th

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