from March 23, 2019 hours 10:00 to March 24, 2019 hours 19:00

2019 FAI Spring Days

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27th edition.

Following a well-established tradition, FAI – Fondo Ambiente Italiano (the Italian Environmental Fund) celebrates the advent of Spring with the twenty-seven edition of FAI Spring Days: more than 1000 places are open especially for the occasion throughout Italy. Sites that are often inaccessible can be seen with guided tours and themed activities carried out by volunteer guides of FAI. A national event whose aim is to arouse public awareness about the beauties of art, culture and Italian history.
Inspired by the British National Trust, the FAI is affiliated to the INTO - International National Trusts Organization. The Spring Days are a great opportunity to raise funds thanks to visitors contributions and to safeguard and enhance the huge cultural and environmental heritage of Italy.


In Cagliari, on 23rd and 24th March (from 10 am to 4 pm), you will have the possibility to admire the Covered Walkaway of the Saint Remy Bastion: a symbolic place for the city, closed to the public for five years because of water infiltrations. Restoration works will be completed in the coming months.

The Covered Walkway and the Umberto I Terrace, with the majestic double flight of stairs, were designed and built in classical style between 1896 and 1902, incorporating the ancient medieval and Spanish defensive walls, already unified in the Bastion of Saint Remy through the leveling of the ancient sixteenth-century ramparts of the Sperone and the Zecca. Between the modern monumental complex and the ancient walls, an archaeological area has been brought to light: it still shows some sections of walls and other relevant historical evidences. The itinerary proposed by the FAI Delegation of Cagliari proposes a journey through the history of Cagliari, starting from the “garden under the walls” (in Viale Regina Elena), a space redeveloped with the sculptures of Pinuccio Sciola. Visitors will admire the Covered Walkaway with its various uses and the traces of more ancient testimonies that go back to the Punic period. In the optics of an “ongoing works” visit, some of the interventions carried out during the restructuring works will also be illustrated.
Guided tours will be organized by the volunteers of the Fai Delegation of Cagliari and the students of the “Alfieri” Middle School and the “Foiso Fois” High School of Cagliari.


On 23rd and 24th March (from 9 am to 7 pm), visitors will have also a unique opportunity to enjoy Conti Vecchi Saltworks, thanks to guided tours, reconstructions and videos.

Thanks to the far-sighted enterprise of Ing. Luigi Conti-Vecchi, since 1929, in the lagoon of Santa Gilla, man and nature work in perfect synergy: sea, sun and wind, under the wise control of the salt workers, produce every year white salt mountains in the longest saline of Sardinia, still in activity. In addition to the museum complex and the photographic exhibition "The Migratory People" in collaboration with AFNI Sardinia (Association of Italian Nature photographers), visitors will have the possibility to participate in a one-hour naturalistic tour of the site on board of a small train. Advanced reservation is highly recommended due to the limited capacity of the train (call or email your reservations to +39070247032 or

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    Saint Remy rampart

    Piazza Costituzione, - Tra la via Manno e la via Garibaldi - Cagliari

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    Conti Vecchi Saltworks

    Zona industriale Macchiareddu-Grogastu, - Cagliari

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