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Recapiti più sas di Fabrizio Cocco & c.

Recapiti più sas di Fabrizio Cocco & c.

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Avaiable 24 hours.


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Recapiti più is a company that has always distinguished for reliability, professionalism, confidentiality and courtesy to the customer. In addition to offering fast delivery, postal services, shipping, from 2013 we offer a service of NCC.
Recapiti più sas di Fabrizio Cocco & c.

Recapiti Più is the Original Service Pony Express in Cagliari born more than twenty years ago and which has the largest number of imitations in the city and surrounding area.


Our services range:

• from the socket to the address and delivery within an hour of calling throughout Cagliari and Hinterland with receipt as proof of delivery of the package.

• Courier services of Regional, National and International for your shipments ends of the earth. We handle your shipment from collection to delivery to the packaging.

• the delivery of packages of medium and large sized or a large number of packages via truck.

• Moving to the mini-emptying basements and garages, or any other type of service you want.

• the service delivery recommended thanks to the same ministerial authorizations, first recognized only to the items.


Since 1992, our fleet of scooters, motorcycles and van is the most reliable and fast for immediate delivery as it is really able to pick up and deliver as per your request 24 hours 24 to 365 days a year.

From 2013 also led to the service of NCC 'a service for all categories of users, for every travel need or simply moving on the ground.

We offer a 24 hour service on 24 reservation and guaranteed service.

We also organize customized tours in town or out of town in order to reconcile culture fun and pleasant days in the company of your friends.

All services NCC are available 24 hours on 24 to 365 days a year with affordable rates. Each estimate is absolutely free and immediate.











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