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KiteGeneration, Kiteschool Sardinia

KiteGeneration, Kiteschool Sardinia

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Opening hours:

From 9:00 to 12:00.
In the other times usually we are at the beach. I can always get in touch with us by email




Historic center

Kitesurfing School in Cagliar, Sardinia: Kitesurfing Lessons, SUP Tours and Lessons, Boat Tours and Snorkeling

KiteGeneration proposes:

in whole Southern Sardinia all year ’round.

Our main kite spot is Poetto beach, the beach of Cagliari,  that offer perfect conditions for all sea sports.

In any case, every day we choose the kite spot where to teach kitesurf depending on wind conditions and direction. Depending on wind conditions, the spots where we teach kitesurf are:


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