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Opening hours:

Bibliobus week calendar:
Poetto Beach Ausonia Park, in front of fifth bus stop (Monday 3.30 pm-7.30 pm) until September 21st
Piazza Giovanni XXIII (Monday, 3pm-7pm)
San Michele Brotzu Hospital (Tuesday 9am-1pm)
Via Stoccolma (Tuesday, 3pm-7pm)
Mercato di Via Quirra (Thursday, 9am-1pm)
Retirement Home Loc.Terramaini (Thursday 3pm-7pm)
Hospital Businco (Friday 9am-1pm)
Former Distillery – Pirri (Friday, 3pm-7pm)
Via Euro – Quartiere La Palma (Saturday, 9am-1pm)

Not in service from 14 to 17 August.
Not in service on December 24th, 25th, 31st and January 1st.




Residential area

A travelling library to promote reading and knowledge

On board of Bibliobus, users can consult and borrow books and magazines. It also provides assistance to consult online documents and job opportunities.
Bibliobus has also two internet access points and a small playground for kids.
Starting from October 18th 2019, picnic baskets will be available to visitors of the Bibliobus at the former distillery of Pirri, containing a comfortable plaid to sit on the lawn and a selection of books for all ages.
The baskets can be taken after registering at the library.

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